Friday, June 3, 2011

Is fashion going a little crazy?

We all know that what goes around comes around.  Take for instance the elastic waist-cincher of the 1960s - the young women of today are wearing this belt, thinking, naturally, that they "discovered" it!   Mind you, if we go further back into fashion history there's no doubt this same small accessory would most likely have been a part of every woman's wardrobe decades if not centuries earlier!  So we didn't "discover" it either!

But have you seen some of the modern shoes that women are tottering around on?  Honestly one small slip and they'd break every bone in their ankle, but "it's fashion" and what young woman likes to be told that she should "consider wearing much smaller heels or in fact going into flats for everyday wear"?   No one I know.

But when a woman has to be led, quite literally, by the hand of her partner, so that she may stay upright while walking, this gets a bit strange - especially after an evening of nightclubbing, dining and the occasional drink.   I saw one young woman being led this way, only to trip over a small paving step at he entrance of the hotel where I was staying.  Both of them crashed to the floor and the woman had to be taken to hospital having injured both feet.   I wonder just how she got on.  She certainly didn't enjoy the evening out, which apparently was a friend's engagement party!

So I thought you'd be amused, or even seriously confused, at seeing a couple of photos I've just received of the "latest" shoes from Asia.   I can't imagine them being here in Australia, but who knows?  Someone will get the bright idea that there's a market, and women will just as easily fall into the trap of believing that they'll look a million dollars and be ahead in the fashion stakes if they "indulge" or invest in this modern footwear.

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