Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve

Already the 31st December.   To some of us the year seems to have dragged; to others it's jut flown.   It's been a hectic year for some;  a boring year to others (I always think that if a person is constantly bored, then it's no fault of anyone or anything but that particular person!).  But all in all, an interesting year.

Have you made your list of New Year Resolutions as yet?  

I decided to make One New Year's Resolution this year.  
And that is - to make NO resolutions.  
They never work anyway.

No - what I'm planning to do is to set myself some goals - some that are simple and easily attainable; some that are moderate which will take a little more effort but satisfy me;  and some more difficult ones - which I always love setting because you know, over the years, quite a number of these HAVE been achieved.

There are plans for fireworks everywhere to celebrate the coming in of the New Year - sounds a good idea.  Let's choose our own fireworks to start the New Year off - it's up to us.

I'd like to take this opportunity of saying a sincere "thank you" for everyone who follows this blog - it's a fascinating journey and you certainly make it really worthwhile.

Have a wonderful New Year - may it bring you good health and many happy moments and surprises.

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