Thursday, December 8, 2011

A change is as good as a holiday!

You've been thinking that single colours are a bit boring at times?  You'd like to be able to find something that will fit your curvaceous figure in something bright and perhaps a bit floraly, but which doesn't look frumpy and boring?   And if you're like me and been used to wearing single colours for quite a few seasons, there's lot of fun and frillery (without being "over the top"! around.)  So what about a change?

Well I have news for you.   Zebrano of New Zealand today have highlighted the Chocolat Winter Rose soft coat and jacket.   They go up to size 22, by the way.

Visit their website and see more of their selections.


  1. I need to say something about color here. 40 years and more ago, I thought that blue and black were automatically slimming, so I bought nearly ALL blue clothing. If it didn't come in blue, forget it. I was maybe a size 16 then an 18 when I thought that. (That's in the US. I don't know if sizing is different there.)

    Anyway, my husband one day asked me to please buy something besides blue, please. I was wearing too much blue and he wondered what I'd look like in other colors. So, I did, reluctantly. And he absolutely loved it. His reaction was so lovely that I only buy blue now if it's a really pretty blue. I've grown much more colorful, and I think it has made my own attitude about myself better too.

    Mind you, I am not a fashion horse. I look probably rather dumpy. I don't know how to dress, hate bras, and need comfortable shoes. Color doesn't always make up for style. I'm talking about what's inside me, myself. And I am enjoying the color.

    I am much bigger now than I was then. But still enjoy colors, a lot. You should see my house. LOL It never worried about looking fat.

    Thanks, Janet

  2. You're so right, Janet. We believed the so-called experts who told us not to wear colours, not to wear florals, not to wear stripes even, and as for wearing white - horror or horrors! Yet, when we realised they didn't have a clue what suited us and followed our own instincts, we found that we were able to wear what we wanted, and to not only feel good in what we wore (and wear) but we look good too!