Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The contradiction of sizings!

So often we see lovely "plus-size" garments, only to find out that the sizings go to around Australian 16-18.  
To many of us, 16-18 definitely aren't "plus-size" sizes.   

And let's face it, sizings differ so much that they make our head spin!   Take for instance, a lovely white top I bought this morning - the label says XXL which equates (by this particular supplier) to around size 22 Aus.   In the very same store, there were some beautiful knitted tops in a light silk like thread with sparingly placed sequin embellishments - very nice, very "want-able", and in sizes up to XXL.   But here's the problem, these XXL silk-like knitted tops would not fit my grand-daughter who is a size 12.

This really makes me cross.  Because it's girls like my grand-daughter who see garments that they'd like to buy for themselves and the label says XXL.   That starts them on the treadmill of convincing themselves that they're overweight - they're "fat".   And that leads to inappropriate dieting.   As we all know this can lead to even more health risks.

Because in amongst it all, they're NOT "fat" - they're not plus-size at all.   It's the labels that are out of sync with each other, not women's shapes and sizes.

When garments are made off-shore, and unfortunately most of them are*, there's no way that we can persuade the manufacturers/retailers to get a more realistic slant on sizes.   But we'll keep trying.  (* We regularly highlight the Australian suppliers who provide garments in generous sizings and with appropriate labels because we feel they need to be encouraged and supported).

In the meantime, Making It Big (USA) have come up with some really lovely garments.  Mind you, they're in the midst of the colder seasons but sometimes it pays to consider buying (especially when they are on sale at special prices) even though we're still awaiting summer!   Their sizes range from 1X through to 8X.

So here's the Comfy Tunic and the Evan Tunic from Making It Big (http://www.makingitbig.com)


  1. Okay, those are plus size models, and I think that is appropriate for showing plus size clothing.

    As for the sizing, it gets confusing I tell ya. One place I order from the clothes run big, usually. Another place small. I will check out the clothes on making it big. Thanks.

  2. It's a matter of carrying a tape measure with you every time you shop. Mind you, that doesn't always work either.