Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!

Suddenly it's Christmas Eve.   Outside there is a stillness, an expectancy.    Christmas carols are being played on our airways, children are waiting patiently for Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) to arrive tonight, there's a busy-ness everywhere tinged with a sense of excitement.

Christmas time is a time of celebration - for the Christian, the joy associated with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the very first Christmas gift from God to man/woman.  It's a time of drawing together - family members who may not have seen each other for years; friends who we remember in letters and Christmas cards, telephone calls and emails.  Lots of laughter and love, reminiscing and planning.   To those who may be lonely or going through a difficult time, we send our warmest thoughts and wishes that circumstances will improve and that happiness will be yours.

To those of other faiths too, our wish is that your Christmas season may also be one of joy, of sharing precious times with family and friends.

Thank you once again all for your encouragement and support throughout this year - you keep us focussed!

So a Merry, safe, happy, and healthy Christmas to you, one and all.

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