Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, no! You mustn't wear .....

Has it been said to or about you?  I know for a fact it's been said to me so often I've lost count.   As with "know-it-alls", too often they don't really know a thing!

So it is with STRIPES.   "Oh, no", I can hear some readers say.   And whether that "no" is because they've been told the same thing, or whether they too are of the opinion that plus-sizers shouldn't wear stripes, then I say, give it some thought and think again.

Now I don't suggest throwing caution to the winds and wearing stripes that go around the body.  (Well not unless you have a lot of courage and confidence).  But I do like stripes that go up and down and every-which-way but loose as the old saying goes!  Mind you, I'm a great believer in garments that flatter the body and give a look of fluidity, rather than tightly hugging "some" curves that can be better flattered by clever designing.

Here's an example of stripes being used imaginatively.  Sorry, girls, but unfortunately the model is slim.  But look at the frock itself and then imagine something like this on you.   I think it's really flattering.

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