Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes we forget!

As a plus sizer, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are many women in this category who cannot, or do not like to wear fitted garments easily.  By this I mean who who may had had surgery, those who may suffer from various health issues such as lymphoedema and other "swelling" situations.  These women although they would like to wear short dresses and tight fitted pants, cannot do so without causing discomfort either physically or emotionally as in when they see themselves in the mirror.

That's not the only aspect though - a lot of women prefer loose, floating clothing.  It's got nothing to be with living as a 21st century "hippie" - it's got to do with comfort and what a person personally likes.

So it's really good when we see clothing that has been designed and made with the thought of plus-size comfort.  When those designs fit well into the needs of women who want or who need looser flowing garments, then this is even better.

I've been a fan of Love Your Peaches for years now.   Janelle designs her garments from the ground up, and proudly being a plus sizer herself, she goes by "feel" and that includes how she feels when she puts on one of these garments.   Thousands of women around the world agree with her.

Here's a quick selection.  

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