Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stunning clothing!

I know I usually promote overseas suppliers more often than not, but when I have something to say about "local" suppliers, then I have great delight in shouting from the rooftops.

Kita Ku is situation in Box Hill, Victoria, and their range of clothing is very exciting.   Bold colours, bold designs and styles. Mixing and matching is part of the game, and it is so easy to build up a colourful wardrobe with only a few pieces.

I can recommend Kita Ku - I have a number of their garments, and each time I wear them, I always get compliments!  Just goes to show, even "big girls" can look stunning.

Feast your eyes on these.


  1. Very nice Rosemary, wish I could find such pretty clothes.

  2. Both of these I like a lot. I wish I had some style, since I don't, I wish I could find some. I *see* things I like, but then when I get them, they look just bad on me. Oh my word, here's an example. Years ago I saw a dress on ebay and bought it. I was just enchanted with it. It got here, I put it on, and looked ridiculous in it.

    Later I was watching tv and some strange celebrity's backwoods hick relatives were being interviewed. One of them was wearing that dress! I could not believe it!

    Okay, but did I learn? no, a few years later I spotted another dress on ebay that just enchanted me. It was SO pretty. I ordered it. It fit perfectly. I thought that surely I must look like a princess in it (albeit a fat princess, but no matter.)

    We were planning a road trip, so I packed it for that. One morning I awoke in our motel room and decided to wear my beautiful princess dress. I had long, straight hair too. Oh, it was all going together perfect.

    We went out to explore the town. As we were walking up to a business, the glass doors gave me an amazing reflection. There was my handsome husband in his leather "bad boy" jacket, looking about as good as a man can look, and he was walking with some really weird looking, old lady in a ridiculous flowered dress. She had long, straight, stringy hair. She was fat, very fat, and the dress was enhancing everything about that. That could NOT be me, the princess.

    Ah, but it was. I cut that dress up and used it for doll stuff. I'll tell you what, I also cut my hair.

    I do not know how to pick out clothing. I think when I look at dresses, I'm looking through the eyes of a 3 year old. what 3 year old doesn't want to look like a princess?

    Anyway, don't let it scare you off these clothes just because I like them. Now and again I accidentally do it right!