Monday, July 9, 2012

Maybe .....

Maybe Spring isn't really too far off.   Of course the fact that our overnight temperatures are down around the zero mark with top temperatures here in the foothills sometimes near enough to 14 doesn't really effect our thinking, when we see the sun shining.  It's not a hot sun, but it sure makes a person smile.  And in that smile our thoughts definitely DO turn to Spring.

I went out the front door this morning to check the post, and saw with such pleasure the one and only camellia bush on the block, out in bloom, with hundreds of buds to follow the first-blooms.

You only have to look at flowers in a garden to realise just how easily they adapt to colour variations.  I realise this photo shows what we used to call "a sport" (or a variation from the original colour of the blooms which should be on this bush) but when it sits in amongst all sorts of variations then it's a pretty sight.

That got me thinking.  How often do we allow our imagination to take flight when it comes to what we wear.  Most of know how to dress tone-on-tone and also contrast, but I love seeing women who let their fancy fly, and they dress in all sorts of colours and textures, complimenting each other, and most definitely complimenting the wearer.

I really don't understand when plus-sizers tell me that they "wouldn't dare to dress like that!"  My question is, like what?  Because clothing is clothing and should be worn with panache and style.  It doesn't matter what size we are.  It's all got to do with our self-esteem!   

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