Friday, July 6, 2012

Pampering ourselves

It's during winter time that I come back to the idea that we should pamper ourselves more often.  Not that any other season doesn't demand we do likewise, but for some reason the cold, wet, wintry days bring with them the feeling that everything is dreary and damp and all we can do is have a hot cup of soup to keep warm and stay indoors for the day.

The past few weeks have certainly not been conducive to looking around the shops or shopping centres for clothes.  If I'm honest I do have enough to suit my lifestyle.  While I love bringing new fashion trends and ideas from local and overseas suppliers, I think it's also most important that we give ourselves our little treats now and then.

I ventured out this morning just to do the normal chores, and stopped and looked at the window display at a small florist in our local shopping centre.  All the presentations were flambouyant in colour, sizes and all with different types of petals and leaves.  Having chosen a couple of cards from the card display I walked to the counter at the back of the shop and was assailed by the most fragrant perfume imaginable.  And with that perfume came countless happy memories from the past.

Was the perfume from a big, bold, flower stem?  No, it was the tiniest little bunch of winter violets, sitting in a small glass vase on the counter.  There was no hesitation - I opened my wallet and bought them - just for myself.  Just to tell myself I am special!

The more I observe, the more I become convinced that plus-sizers particularly lose the inclination to "spoil" themselves occasionally.  Is this because we've been told or had it inferred that we're not worth it?  Because this is one of the unkindest lies told to us  -  we all need to know we're loved, and there's something special about a little bunch of violets that remind me that I am important and special to myself, and even more incredibly to others.

Isn't that worth celebrating?  

In what way do you occasionally "treat" yourself to something out of the ordinary?

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