Friday, July 6, 2012

Accessories - Scarfs

For many plus sizers, buying new clothes becomes a bit hard, especially if the budget is tight!   This is where accessories come into their own, and it doesn't take much to extend your wardrobe simply by adding accessories that attract the eye!

While most plus sizers have found a basic colour scheme to build upon, there are times when bright, vivid colour is needed to uplift not only the outfit but also one's confidence.

Like so many women I love scarves - I have quite a collection I've got to admit.   And while I have my favourites, I'm always willing to learn new and exciting ways of wearing them.

I came across this YounTube video from Coldwater Creek, and I'd encourage you to watch it.   It brings out the "creativity" side of me, and I've no doubt it will do the same to you too.

Watch and enjoy.

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