Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where is my Australian audience?

It's interesting to study the statistics of viewers and visitors to this blog.   And I find it somewhat amusing (?), and surprising, to find that the majority of my visitors are from the USA.  Hi there to everyone in the US.

But where are my Australian "followers" hiding?   Is it a fact that anything "home-grown" is seen to be less interesting than overseas blogs and websites?   Or could it be that this blog just isn't interesting at all to Australian plus sizers?

If you're a plus sizer and you feel that you're being overlooked as far as focus, attitudes and fashion are concerned, then please become more involved with this blog.   Comment on what you see, and even suggest some of your favourite websites which we can highlight.

If there are issues or subjects which you believe are not being addressed when it comes to widening our knowledge of what a plus sizer needs and wants in this world, then write and participate through the monthly issue of RoseMary's NoteBook© (the newsletter).  

If you would like to have your own column and/or to write on a regular basis about things that you see are important (no diets, please), then contact us direct at and have a chat.

RoseMary's NoteBook© (the newsletter) is distributed world wide to a confidential mailing list which is managed by me personally, and not through a "third-party" company that initiates and sends emails from a "foreign desk".  

Come on girls, let's encourage more  involvement and thus more openly discussing those things that impact upon the lives of women, regardless of age, size and shape, in this day and age.


  1. I read Rosemary! I look forward to what you have to show - and you definitely showcase a wide range of designers!

    I actually meant to email you to ask you who you knew of who did things in natural fabrics (cottons, silks, linens etc etc)

  2. Hi Rosemary
    I tried to post yesterday but my computer was not playing fair at all. It is interesting to see where the visitors come from to our blogs. My readers mainly come from here and NZ, though I have had some USA and Japanese readers in the past.I often don't get any comments and I wonder if people are reading, cos I know they visit, but then again a lot of my writing wont interest people. I have felt though that when I write deeply personal blogs I seem to get more comments. I am spasmodic my my blog writing and I certainly don't comment like I used to. This is in part to some of the hoops we must jump through to be able to enter a comment. I often find that I have trouble with making out the letters to prove I'm not a robot, and after 3 attempts I give up. I realise that some bloggers need to have this in place but I have never had to do this due to having a small following. Another thing for me personally is that most of what I think, has already been said, and so I don't bother saying anything. Additionally some blog posts are don't induce me to comment. I see some of the bloggers I follow with heaps of commenters and think they must have something special. Never mind, let's keep plodding along. :)