Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My wardrobe is, I suspect, similar to many other plus-size women.  It contains a number of favourite garments as well as ordinary every-day wear.    And I’m not shy in confessing that some of those favourite garments are anything up to 15 years old.  Beautiful fabrics, beautiful classic and sophisticated designs/styling and beautiful to wear.  They’re worn for specific occasions, and they’ve never gone out-of-date.  For the simple reason that I discovered my “style”; and my “colours”, and I have built up a personal knowledge of what I like and what I consider likes me.   

Like most women I like receiving compliments when I know I look good - yes, I’ve become a vain and conceited “growing-older” lady, but I see no reason why if someone compliments me, that I should toss it back in their face, when after all, it makes me feel good and womanly to have received it in the first place.  And that would be absolute rudeness and bad manners, and wouldn’t in any way endear me either to the person who has made the compliment or even myself.  I would be doing myself a dis-service.

You shouldn’t wear that! has to be taken as a grain of salt most times, because it doesn’t apply.  Even if the person saying it is either Susannah, Trinny or that guy Gok.    I’ve taken many notes from the shows of Susannah and Trinny and I’ve read lots of articles by Gok and while I’ve sometimes gained some knowledge worth while,  at other times I’ve shelved what has been said into a filing cabinet in my mind.  For I don’t have to agree with them, every time, about everything.

Mind you I did find Carson Lee Kressley more realistic in his attitudes, his philosophy and his apparent genuine concern to inspire women to open their minds to new ideas.   Of course within his shows there were numerous times when he said you shouldn’t wear that!  And any intelligent viewer could, after he explained why, see his logic and reasoning for making many of those statements.  But we don’t all have the benefit of a personal Fashion Advisor like Carson Lee Kressley to give us advice.   

It’s not only the generously endowed woman who is told she’s wearing the wrong thing either.  Any woman of any age, shape or size can be told she’s wearing something she shouldn’t.

Like being told you shouldn’t have a special little cupcake with your coffee as a sweet indulgence once in a blue moon,  wearing clothes that other people find fault with, is mostly their problem and not yours.

I am constantly inspired by women of size in their understanding of what suits them and what doesn’t.   Not many of these women even ask themselves what they should be wearing - they've already worked it out!  

It comes down to personal taste and when that personal taste is based on pure common sense and practicability as well as affordability, no woman can go wrong.   

The importance is to feel good, and as we know from past experience, if you feel good, then you darn well look good.   It works every time!

'Til next time. 

©2013 R Parry-Brock, Australia 

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