Monday, January 13, 2014


Black is SO boring, don’t you think?

Well, if you’re talking about the “common-place” corporate wear that women appear to prefer recently, then I agree with you.   It’s like seeing clones walking along the streets at any time of day.  All dressed alike, all in a rush, and all with tired scowling faces.  We know that working women have a lot on their mind, but scowling won’t make it better!  So what is it with working women that they must adhere to a dress code that doesn’t do that much for them?

I’m not suggesting that all business women should take a leaf out of Quentin Bryce’s (our present Governor-General) book, but surely suiting (and corporate women all seem to have taken to the business-suit) can be provided in colours that enhance women’s looks, rather than detract.   As some of my colleagues will say - "you’re being too judgemental - AGAIN”, but I believe professional women particularly can play a big part in allowing femininity to be a part of their dress-code, without having to resort to frills and flounces!   I like the “power-suit” idea.   Colour has the power to draw attention, to demand focus, and to inspire.   It also makes you "feel good about yourself".

But let’s get back to black being boring.  For the every-day women like you and me, that is.   I wear a lot of black and I NEVER find it boring.  I’ve worn it for decades and it has absolutely nothing to do with it being a “slimming” colour.   I don’t quite know where that idea sprung from, because I often wear white too!   When I do I always receive compliments.

Black is a “comfortable” colour.  It’s a colour (and here I’ve jumped in at the deep end because there are those who tell me it’s NOT a colour!), that I find lends itself to almost every occasion.  Especially from the point of view that it can be dressed up or dressed down.   It’s a happy colour if used correctly.    Bringing in contrasts - no more than two at any one time - and you have the makings of an interesting and ever-changing wardrobe.

So here’s an example of a black outfit with a simple accessory of bangles, and I would very much doubt anyone wearing this would NOT receive the highest of compliments and dinner invitations to boot!

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