Saturday, January 11, 2014


The "fashion experts" whoever they really are, have come up with some weird predictions over the years.  This New Year there are some "doozies".

If women have nothing better than these forward-thinking suggestions, then perhaps they should take matters into their own hands, and dictate what THEY want, rather than be trundled around with ideas like the above.   Better still - find a good dressmaker and get her on side with working out a basic wardrobe of clothing to suit your life-style.   (All your friends will be SO envious!)

Quite honestly, this particular "forecast" in our leading morning newspaper, is nothing more than a repeat of the past five years, at least.

Maybe I'm too critical, but how feminine are the tight black leather pants (have these been taken from the show "Grease"?) and those darned torn, worn "distressed" jeans!   I'm not usually lost for words, but those type of clothes defy description.   Would someone explain to me why something most people throw out in the garbage seem to end up in the front window of your local boutique at an highly inflated price?

There's another question I'd like to ask.   What has happened to the shape of women's legs?    Are they too spindly now to even hold the body upright in order to balance?  Has womankind undergone some recent mutation in order to be able to be poured into clothes - how do they get out of them?    Models all seem to have become pigeon toed, and women everywhere are imitating them.

I admit I'm skeptical about the abilities of "fashion" people knowing what's good and what's not good, but to ignore the femininity of women which can be expressed through clothing, doesn't auger really well for "fashion for 2014".  Or does it?   Let's have some discussion on this.

As an aside, if this is what the younger-thinking SLIM woman has to choose from this year, then goodness knows what the PLUS-size market will come up with!!!!

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