Saturday, January 18, 2014


.... being told we should look, dress and be like someone else - notably a celebrity (whatever that really means!)

AGE SIZE and SHAPE do NOT matter in the true scheme of things.

It’s about time we learned to look at ourselves for who we are and what we are.  NOT to concentrate on how old we are; what shape we are and what size we are!

Too mugh time and energy both physical as well as emotional, can be wasted in pursuing “perfection” as it is seen in today’s media and on fashion runways, because whatever we try and however hard we try to do it, we will never fit into the moulds created by photographers (digital mastering) or cosmetic surgeons, because nature and aging will continue along their merry ways.  And we should be both grateful and inspired by that very fact.

In today’s world we need to look at each other, and indeed ourselves, as distinctive, unique and original one-off human beings.  Respect to and for each other as well as respect to and for ourselves, is an essential requirement for our own peace of mind, and self-confidence.


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