Friday, July 18, 2014

The NoteBook July 2014

As with countless other business woman over recent years have done, I've reinvented myself a number of times.  Now I think the time has come again, as the Walrus said, "to speak of many things".  I'd like to add a rider, that the things I speak of will be nice and happy things. 

For those readers in warmer climes, please think of us here in the southern states of Australia experiencing a very cold, if not freezing, winter.   It has to be said (and thousands are saying it) but the weather patterns are definitely changing, and yet reading archival newspapers it seems that with each season there've been articles over the past 150 years at least, saying the same thing.    Perhaps we are heading for another Ice Age!  That's not to say that when we are experiencing the excessive heat of our summers that we don't think we're heading into a Heat Age!   

Of course weather patterns have a big bearing on what we wear.   For the generously endowed woman, we are persuaded that the clothes being presented to us each season, take into account not only our needs but also give us many options in being able to buy clothes that are imaginative and flattering.   I said earlier that I intended to make my comments nice and happy.  Here I am already contradicting myself!  In a nutshell, the majority of clothing stores for the more curvaceous woman have fallen into a habit of giving us clothing that looks as though it is being made from one pattern and one pattern only.   It's all very well having a comfortable tunic style garment to be worn over tights or leggings but most of us would like to have more options to choose from.  More stylish garments;  I know I would.    I'll give you some examples of what I mean by stylish and flattering.

I've included the first picture because its from way back in the 1950s - Jane Russell is wearing a swing jacket that is completely lined in satin.  Oh, yes, I remember this type of garment so well!   The pictures following are from the modern era - Monif C, Love Your Peaches, Kita Ku and Igigi.   All these garments make a statement - and we need garments like this to make us feel proud, feminine and attractive.  In fact we should by this time be demanding our suppliers to cater to what we need and want, rather than allowing them to "persuade" us that what they want to give us is what we should be grateful for!


Another thing too.  I do like shopping for myself.   Being able to walk into a store, wander around and choose something that really takes my eye.   Being able to see the true colour, the feel of the fabric and how it looks on me when I try it on.   How I feel about myself when I have it on!  

Now here are some from the latest seasonal offerings, for the larger woman no less.  

Do we really want to dress like teenagers?  To dress as our daughters, or for women like me, to dress like our grand-daughters?   Should I consider myself a grumpy old woman - never satisfied with what the market is offering me?   I'm beginning to think that maybe I have the right to say what I'd like to wear, and to persuade manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers that I deserve to be pampered.   I have made the grade, and earned my Degree!  

I'd be so interested to hear your thoughts.  Write in and voice your views and opinions.  

'til next time

Fondest regards


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