Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's hard to believe that somewhere in the world women are enjoying summer weather.   Even if it is tending towards the start of autumn (fall).    Here in the southern states of Australia, we're having one of the coldest winters on record.   The snowfields are ecstatic with the falls, and even visitors from Canada and the USA are quoted as saying this is one of the best snowfields for 2014.

It's when comparing the garment industry - insofar as trying to find smart winter wear here that is innovative as well as colourful while at the same time eyeing the beautiful summer wear on sale in the US, that we become eager buyers especially when it comes to taking advantage of the many sales over there.  In other words to get ourselves some lovely summer wear in anticipation of our spring/summer seasons.

It looks as though the pantsuit had returned, as have the maxi dresses.   Which is good for the woman with curves because both these styles suit the gently rounded figure.  Much to the pleasant surprise of those of us with curves!

So here's a selection of maxi dresses, together with a pantsuit that will take you through the balmy afternoons and evenings of the spring/summer weather.   They are all from Igigi.

As well here's a delightful short skirted dress that will fit in to any occasion.   Dressed up or dressed down all these beautiful dresses say one thing - Big is Beautiful.

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