Saturday, August 9, 2014


It’s many things.  Here are some of them.  (Based on a generously endowed curvaceous woman's experience!)

Self-esteem is learning:

* to like yourself, as you are! 

* to see yourself as a friend would see you, as a person worthy of respect

*  that it is not being selfish if you want things - perhaps you’d like to go to university;  you’d like to have a top flight career;  and you’d like to dress well

* that people from all sorts of walks of life should treat you with respect and courtesy

* that your health and fitness should be seen as being of the same worth as any other person, especially younger and slimmer

* that your health and fitness is YOUR business

* that your opinions should be respected   

* that your intelligence should not be questioned

* that how you dress is your choice (and your business) and  you shouldn’t be expected to accept derision or contempt

* that you have rights.   Rights that may include being able to choose for yourself those things that will make you happy.  Choosing for yourself those things that you agree o disagree with.   Choosing for yourself your own circle of friends.  Choosing for yourself what you may eat and what you may choose not to eat.   

* that no one has the right to push you into doing things that you don’t want to do, such as dieting, or undergoing surgical manipulations, including cosmetic

*  that you can do what you want if you really want to

*  that you can wish for anything you want and then go out and make your wishes come true

* that you have a right to be loved.   By others and by yourself

* that no one has a right to belittle you, to put you down or to walk over you

*  that you have the right to pursue a career, and that promotions are part and parcel of that career

* that you have the right to look for a partner and the right to be loved and respected by that person.

* that you should never be used, or abused (in an form, including verbally, physically, emotionally or any other sort)

* that you are a unique and a one-off person with your own personality and individuality

* that your opinions are valuable assets and are yours alone

*  that you have a special place in this universe, and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.  

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