Thursday, June 11, 2015


I can’t keep up with the expressions, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y.  To be quite honest I haven’t found anyone who could explain what they mean.  Young people know, because they fit into one or another of the categories.  I’ve given up trying to understand.

But there’s one thing I do understand, and I hope many adult women will take on the title of being a member of the “silver years”.   What I have learned, and what I hear woman of a certain age say every day, is that “fashion” (read:  clothing in the stores, be that major stores or chain stores), is geared for the young, the very young.   Even, unfortunately, many of the brand names that have their own boutique stores.

In this comment I don’t include the following here in Australia:  Big Time Clothing (up to size 50); Sybil’s (up to size 32), Fella Hamilton; Motto; Maggie T. that all display a knowledge of the older woman’s needs in the fact that the majority of their garments fall within the term “classic”.   I still wish however that all these companies who only go to size 20 and yet claim to be "plus size" would consider increasing their clothing range to include size 24 and 26 at least.   

However I digress.  Let me get back to the subject of the “silver style” (elegance and sophistication for the “silver” generation).   For too long the growing older woman has been given the choice of dressing in the mode of young women whose life is fast-paced and quite casual.  The trend towards tops and tee shirts worn over tights is all very well, and certainly satisfies the needs of the young.  Tights go very well too for growing older women who have good legs, flat tummies and taut and trim upper arms and figures and there are many women who have this advantage. 

But we don’t all fit into that category.   Even though our figures have changed in shape and size over the years, doesn’t mean that given sensible, smartly designed and cut stylish clothing that we won’t come up looking fantastic.  This is where classic and style comes into the picture.  For we deserve to look fantastic!

For those of us who are enjoying the “silver” years, there’s a growing interest within our fashion and wardrobe stylists, to cater to our needs as an ongoing focus.   This has taken time, but the Myer buying team have recently noticed “silver shoppers” are being attracted to the designer brands. 

Stylist Jo Blankfield (Melbourne) writes in an article in the Sun Herald this past week:  “silver shoppers had been scared of looking like mutton dressed up as lamb but were starting to rethink their assumptions that there was nothing available for them in fashion outlets where younger women shop.”

That’s all very well especially for growing older women who have slim and trim figures.  Tight, poured-into leather pants really don’t however look good on a woman with curves who usually takes a size 24-26 and not only proudly boasts her curves but also her wrinkles.  She requires a special kind of styling - garments that flatter her figure by fluid lines, are not tight, or too short, or a cheap looking fabric/colour mix.

So “silver women” everywhere, share your views on what you consider to be a classic, stylish wardrobe for your everyday needs, be they as a retired woman or as a career woman.  Share photos of your favourite garments and tell us where you bought them.

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