Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's in a name?

Checking the menu before ordering a sweet recently, I was intrigued by the description "Tipsy Gypsy". The wording appealed to me and I was hoping that the sweet itself would appeal as much to my eye and to my appetite.

I ordered two, one for my partner who really wasn't so interested in having a dessert, but he nodded. 

Along came two small dishes with the "Tispsy Gypsy"(s). The tilt of the pudding was humorous in that it just wouldn't fall over. I couldn't figure out what may be holding it up. But having tasted it I didn't care - it was absolutely delicious. A taste of citrus, a taste of golden syrup, a taste of cinnamon.  Served with two lovely dollops of cream.   It reminded me of many of my mother's steamed puddings. My partner complimented me on choosing something that even he enjoyed.

.....© Gwenda B of Daylesford, Victoria

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