Sunday, October 24, 2010

The "humble" hamburger

Many people have hamburgers regularly.  In fact we know of some who have hamburgers every day, without fail.   Whether it's because it's their favourite food, or whether it's the most affordable (as they see it), is a moot question.  But most people do like hamburgers at some time or another.

Jess (a distant cousin) only enjoys hamburgers occasionally.  She finds them either too "more-ish" (McDonalds - is it something they put into their hamburgers that make you feel you should have seconds?) or far too filling.

On Saturday she went for a drive out to the outer suburbs and called in at the local "pub" for a bite to eat.   She'd only had some fruit for breakfast, so felt a "good sized" meal would be OK for lunch/afternoon break.   She ordered a hamburger with the lot, and this is what she got. 

Needless to say Jess didn't bother about an evening meal!     According to Jess this hamburger was everything she could desire as far as a hamburger with the lot is concerned.    (She shared the chips!)

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