Friday, February 11, 2011


Do you have trouble in convincing yourself that you could, and would enjoy wearing colours? I mean bright colours, vivid colours, flambouyant colours. If you're anything like me, being a plus-size woman, I always "believed" the so-called experts who said that if you're overweight then you must wear black (or brown or dark grey, or navy blue). But never, ever ....... bold colours such as yellow, orange, purple (yow!) or RED!

I think we waste an awful lot of time in listening to what other people say is good for us, when at heart we know instinctively what's best for us. It's just that we've been over-ridden so many times in the past, that it becomes natural for us to give in to what they say, without questioning their opinions. And who misses out in the long run? We do, of course.

Of course these "fashion gurus" will then point their finger at us, if we happen to make a bad decision regarding colours and wear something that really doesn't suit us. The only reason, as far as I'm concerned, that we actually make wrong decisions is that our confidence is so low because of their interfering and demanding attitudes that we do as they say rather than rely on our own feelings. And in so doing we haven't got the know-how - which can be quickly learned and built upon - of how to use colours and wear colours that make a real statement. A statement that says to the world, hey world, this is me!

I love red, and I'm still looking out for a striking red dress - what I'm after is a lovely slim-line wrap around (I think wrap-around does a lot for a curvaceous woman's curves and decollete) - I haven't found one yet, but I'm determined that I will one day and when I do I'll probably buy two.

"Red is not a fashion colour that comes and goes.
It is THE fashion colour. A joyous, classic colour"

.... George Goss

"Red is glamorous, captivating, striking, and cheeky.
It's the colour most likely to get you into mischief"

.... Alex Perry

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