Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

In years gone by, Valentine's Day was celebrated in a gentle, naive way.   If a boy really liked a girl, he would send her a Valentine's Day card.  He may write a special greeting, but he wouldn't sign his name.  It was all very romantic because if you were fortunate enough to receive a card, you spent the whole day (if not week) wondering just who it was that had sent you the card.   Very romantic, and without commitments that one might find too serious to continue.  If he wanted to seriously consider you as "his girl" and you were agreeable, then he would make the next move, by confessing that it was he who had sent the card.  

If a young man decided to pop the question on Valentine's Day, and the girl accepted well and good.  If a girl asked a young man on Valentine's Day to marry her and he refused, then he would have to buy her a pair of kid gloves (the more expensive the better!).  Some girls I knew had a drawer full of kid loves, I kid you not!  I never quite got up enough courage to ask the boy of my dreams - sadly he sailed back to the UK and my love was unrequited.  By the same token we have remained the best of friends and that has been a very interesting and unique experience in itself.  

So how quickly February 14th comes around.  And for so many women it's a date that passes by without them being remembered by a special loved one, even from afar.  This is especially true if the woman has experienced a broken relationship or loss.  It becomes just another day as far as she's concerned.  But it's also an opportunity to treat the day as something special just for yourself.  It's all a matter of seeing yourself as a unique person and celebrating that fact, by doing something out of the ordinary.

If no one sends you a Valentine's Day card of gift:

1.  buy (or pick) yourself a small bunch of flowers and put it in a prominent place so that when you look at it, it is a reminder you are special

2.   indulge in a special luncheon or High Tea somewhere you don't normally go.  This be can most enjoyable even if you are alone.  However if you know of someone who lives nearby who doesn't have family near, invite them to spend time with you at this luncheon or High Tea.

3.  invest in a bottle of your favourite perfume, a luscious chocolate cake or a bottle of wine

4.  pack a small suitcase and book into a nice little Bed & Breakfast in the hills;  down near the coast or an overnight stay in one of the leading city hotels.  Spoil yourself

5.  pack a small picnic lunch and go to a favourite park (or even a new park you've found) or picnic spot, in the hills or down by the beach.  Once again invite someone you know who may be lonely too

There are many ways that you can remind yourself that you are worthy of love.

Mind you, if you are fortunate enough to be laden with a beautiful card and gifts (jewellery or even a new car (?), then you are indeed a lucky woman.   But even indulging in a lovely box of chocolates you've bought yourself is a celebration.
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