Thursday, February 3, 2011

We've been holding our breath, too

Cyclone Yasi arrived with incredible rainfalls, 300 km an hour winds, the noises of storms sounding like a hundred steam trains and the peoples of all the coastal towns and cities from Cairns to Townsville held their breath.   We did too.

It is even now progressing into the Northern Territory and even Alice Springs has been issued with flood warnings.

The Weather Bureau forecasts that rainfalls of 100 mms will fall in many areas of South Australia, and down to North East Victoria.   (North West Victoria is still coping with the "inland sea" from floods that is covering huge areas and which according to the authorities may not recede for anything up to two months).  

Banana and sugar plantations have been wiped out in North Queensland.   And all this following the devastating floods that wiped our many small towns, shut down Brisbane, and has caused billions of dollars worth of damage.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our brothers and sisters throughout Australia, who are feeling the impact of all these disasters.  

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