Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good quality versus "ordinary"

This is one of my pet peeves.   Many clothing suppliers, and it's across the board from small and petite to plus-size, take the attitude that they're doing us all a favour by presenting clothing that "looks" good in photographs but in reality is poor quality.   And that poor quality is both in the fabric used as well as the sewing of the garment.

Take for instance this top.   It's at presently on "sale" from one of our suppliers here; but it's original price was $130.   Now for $130, even in this day and age, I look for "quality" for my dollar.   And while I haven't seen the actual fabric that is used on this garment, I can see at a glance that the workmanship as far as sewing of the garment is concerned, is not quite as good as it should be.  (Unless of course this is seen to be the current trend and everyone is expected to accept that.)

What I'm talking about mainly is the hemline.  Now to some people hemlines don't matter, but to me and thousands of other women, they most certainly do.  Because a badly sewn hem can "undo" a garment without even trying.  It makes a garment look untidy and it makes it look as though it's one of those $5-10 dollar garments you can buy from the small Asian stores.  And if this garment was only $5-10 then would I still complain?  I probably would you know, because having done a lot of sewing myself in days gone by, I was instilled with the notion that even if you purchased a "remnant" to make a garment, then that fabric deserved to be treated well.  And if it was sewn well, then it would always look tidy and as a result would last longer than when hemming threads unravel and the garment sags even more.

Because to my eyes, this garment looks as though it's unravelling already.  Its hemline certainly is sagging.  If a garment doesn't have a straight hemline (other than say a handkerchief hemline or mullet) then it never looks "quality".

Would I buy this garment, even if it is "on sale" at a special price, (and mind you it's still around the $40 mark)?   Would you?

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