Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's with the shoes? and With the jeans and tee shirts?

Have you noticed lately that no one seems to be wearing those high-heeled Eiffel Tower structures?  In fact  the majority of women seem to be favouring the Audrey Hepburn little ballet flatties!   Do you think maybe too many twisted ankles have meant women have seen the error of their ways and returned to sensible shoes?

And it's not only the shoes.   For so long I've been despairing of "fashion" or even every-day clothing as seen in our shopping malls and walking along the city streets.   Jeans (mostly old, faded) worn with tee shirts that really don't do much for any plus-size woman, whatever the weather!

Photo from the internet.

But now - girls of every age, shape and size are wearing smart dresses.  Sometimes with leggings, which believe it or not can look attractive.  Sometimes with ankle length pants which look especially good if the dresses are short.   But women seem to be enjoying their femininity again!

And that's a good thing.   It shows that they're "interested" in how they look, rather than just throwing on any old thing and expecting the world to see them as being "girls".   And here's an interesting thing, the number of older women who are wearing attractive white tops over pants - black or white or inbetween - and they look great.

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