Monday, January 9, 2012

"Seasonal" trends

Does it strike you as somewhat amusing that I'm thinking trans-seasonal?  Perhaps it's not really.

You see here in Australia we are in the season of summer, and while we've had some torrid days (over 40 degrees celsius) and have been promised some more, other days we've been lucky to get up to around 20 degrees!   This means that even though we may put on a flimsy feminine frock at the beginning of the day, we still need to add a bolero of cardigan or even jacket by the end of the day.

So it's a matter of planning and dressing for a variety of seasons all in one day.  Which isn't so unusual, but it certainly becomes practical.

This morning I found some beautiful winter woolies - and depending on the fabric, many of these are definitely wearable on a coolish day (not necessarily a very cold day).   Take Ashley Stewart for example.

This beautiful pink Marilyn Twisted Cable Sweater is just so "must-haveable".

Now while we're on the subject of New Year Sales - and what a great subject to concentrate on, have a peek at some of these specials.   All the following examples are less than $20 and our Australian dollar is SOOO equivalent that it's well worth splurging on something that you really like.   A beautiful silver jewelled top;  a pashmina and a faux fur shrug.

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