Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Underwear verus "Lingerie"

Being more curvaceous than some means going without many of the nice pleasures of life.   Too often people (and I include manufacturers and retailers) think that just because there is a little "more of us" then we are less of a person.

And being less of a person in many people's minds and attitudes means that we're treated differently to women of petite or "typical" sizes.  Why?

It all comes down to the fact that because we have flesh on our bodies that any garment will need more fabric, and quite often a different "engineering" perspective to create something that will enhance and compliment our curves.

So it is with undies.    Underwear has undergone radical and technological changes over the decades.   "Bloomers" are practical - yes, but let's face it when we dress up we'd like to have beautiful lingerie as the basis of that outfit.

So it's nice to see that women's "lingerie" has kept pace with the modern woman's expectations of what she likes and what she wants!   It's taken a while though for manufacturers to get "with it" and realise that the more buxom woman wants the same thing as her thinner and slimmer sister but there are many websites offering beautiful lingerie - and at affordable prices.

Here's an example from Yandy USA - their range of "plus-size" lingerie is very tempting.   Sizings?  Up to 4X (American).

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