Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Looks like florals are making a real comeback, even in leggings!  While I'm not particularly keen to add a tight pair of floral leggings to my wardrobe, I will certainly be tempted to considering floral tops, tunic tops or jackets.    It can take a bit of practice to get things right when it comes to clever dressing and getting the colour scheme to suit you (including contrasts), but when you become more adept at seeing yourself in colours it becomes a lot easier.  And believe me, it's great fun.  We've got a lot going for us you know, we curvaceous ones, because there's more of us to enhance!

I was talking to a group of ladies this morning and they were bemoaning the fact that there's no colour around.   It didn't take long to realise that they were talking about life in general - it seems the grey skies of Melbourne have really dampened their spirits.  One even said her garden was a mess as there wasn't a touch of colour showing as yet and that Spring was terribly late.   I took the camera out when I got home just to see whether there was any colour in my garden and yes, while it wasn't obvious, it just takes a different frame of mind to see what is around us, when we think everything is dull and grey.  Even the tiny, tiny little new shoots on the rose bush.   I was once again reminded that nature comes up with some lovely colour combinations.

Well, even though I admit that this Winter is very lengthy and VERY cold, it's amazing just what colour there is around us.  I noticed a little girl of about 2 this morning dressed up in her favourite football team's colours - red and black, and that got me to thinking just how versatile these two colours are.  In fact I've highlighted black and red a couple of times recently.

But if we take note of the fact that florals are back in vogue, why not make the most of them.  Because from what I've seen so far, these florals are BIG in size and big in intensity of colour.   No little tiny flowers but big, bold, blatant, blazing floral designs, some slightly abstract.  But all making a statement, and this is what we need to do, make a statement to the world, as well as to ourselves.   We may be big but we surely can be bold and beautiful!

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