Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jumping the gun!

No, I'm not referring to any race at the Olympic Games!   What I'm referring to is getting in early for summer!

Summer I hear you ask?  When we're experiencing top temperatures of 12 degrees?  Well, yes, I am thinking about summer, because when it arrives quite often there isn't the same choice of swimwear around!  Everybody else has beaten us through the store doors.

I received my Ezibuy catalogue yesterday, and as always there are some lovely garments for the young, slim and trim.  But I'm always eager to see what the Sara range is all about.   The page on swimwear has some nice offerings.  At first I thought - they're nice but why not give us a selection of colours?  Yet when I thought more about it, I came to the conclusion that the colours of "Ink", that sort of blue that melds with almost anything and bright white are just the thing to represent bright blue skies and white sands.

Here's an example of the Sara range of swimwear.   I've also included their sizings, as we all know the confusion and frustration we feel when we really don't have a clue about manufacturers/suppliers precise sizings.

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