Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Have you made New Year resolutions?   Do you bother?   Do you, as I do, set myself attainable goals. Even if I don't meet them in the long run, I sure have plenty of fun in trying.

How about a New Year Challenge?   With readers from all around the world, how better to share opinions, observations and fashion notes than through the NoteBook?

So here's the challenge for January.   Taking into account there are readers who are presently in the middle of summer, the depths of winter and some in between, why not tell us how you see yourself in January 2015, and what your wishes might be as far as life acceptances and changes and most of all fashion (as it applies to the naturally thin, the naturally curvaceous, the plump, the young, the adult and the more mature woman).

I await your comments, suggestions and thoughts.  Let's start this New Year off with a bang!

'til next time

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