Sunday, January 11, 2015


We've been following Emme's story for many years now.  Emme is one of those woman who is growing a little older, but certainly as is graceful as when she first graced the women's magazines (if not even more so).  Emme was born in 1963 so you'll readily see that she has turned 50 and she makes that number seem oh so irrelevant.  

The latest photo of Emme does her justice as always.   It's obvious however that Emme has taken her own advice and dresses appropriately to her age and her shape.   We here at RoseMary's NoteBook© are reminded again, that frillery and frippery are aimed at the young and trendy and they wear it with great aplomb, however .......

Elegance always starts with simplicity, 
and the design and cut of a dress can make the world of a difference 
to how a woman looks, and how she feels.

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