Friday, January 9, 2015

A "WISHLIST" for 2015

A small group of us were talking yesterday and came up with our first  short "wishlist" of garments that we'd like to see here in Australia this year,  (Will we see them in the stores - perhaps not but we can hope).   Quite simple wishes when you come to think of it.   As mentioned many times throughout the years, most of our team are plumply curvaceous, even to the extent that as our bodies have changed shape over the years, our needs have changed accordingly.

By that I mean quite simply - only a few of us have fantastic legs these days!  No longer able to wear four inch heels, or even leggings.  Where DID those ankles go?   Aaaah well, come on, we've got to be honest.

So let's start and as usual we start by wanting to display our good bits in a flattering manner.  We all agreed that this top is not only feminine but it can be even more enhanced when worn with a simple black slinky or cami and pants.  It can be a statement of its own.   it could also be worn with a slimline long skirt.

Then we chose a top that would always be the subject of conversation!     Needless to say those in the team with great legs would get away with this, but it was also agreed that slimline pants instead of leggings would fit the bill too.   Chevrons are not used enough within fashion, whereas we always come across stripes which many of us delightfully fuller figured woman steer away from when we see them in the stores.

Wrap around dresses again came close to the top of the wishlists, and again slim line pants were suggested to be worn should the length of the dress be such as to prevent or dissuade us from buying or even from wearing out (we're proud or vain creatures at times - we always want to look our best, whatever our age, shape or size!)

I personally love red as a statement colour, and I've added this to the short list.  Sweetheart necklines are acceptable, and flattering, at any time.

What we'd like to see are staight slimline pants that can be worn under garments such as this, that will compliment the look for those of us who are a little older.   We're not asking for patio or flared pants but nicely shaped straight slim-line pants that taper in very slightly at the ankle giving the illusion of a thinner leg.  Most importantly in a fabric that will breathe and which will always look good whether worn as "part" of an outfit or as pants in their own right.

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