Monday, January 12, 2015


Meryll from RAINY DAY BOOKS wrote:

(This is not the dress that is described herein)

It can take the smallest thing to unlock a long forgotten memory and recently it was the colour of a new tangerine top that had been given to me by a dear friend.

The second I saw it the remembrance flooded back.

It was a Saturday afternoon in our small family kitchen, I know it was Saturday because the chairs were up on the table which meant the floor had been washed and that meant it was Saturday. All the floors were always done on Saturday.

My Mum and Dad were dancing around the kitchen to the sound of the song “Tangerine” because Mum was wearing a sateen cotton dress in wonderful shades of tangerine and olive greens, the dress had a sweetheart neckline and a dropped waist with a gathered, knee length skirt.

Mum had a trim figure for all of her life and always wore flattering colours and clothes for her very thick dark hair and olive complexion and never missed her weekly hair appointment, to have her hair “done”.

She was probably ready to go out that evening as Saturday night was always celebrated in some way.

It was a fairly rocky marriage but this day was pure romance. They swooped and dipped in this confined space and laughter echoed down the hall to book worm Meryll and I came out to see what was happening.

I am thrilled to have this picture of the happiness of that day to counteract the problems that arose in the future and to know that at least they WERE happy then.

There's another song called "Memories are made of this" and we are sure that Meryll has many happy memories not only about books (one of her first loves) but also colours.

Isn't it interesting how colours can have such an influence on our lives, even when we are not aware of it?


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