Saturday, January 17, 2015


An interesting article appeared in the Melbourne Herald Sun earlier this month dealing with "words".

And those words the article speak about apply to people of size who are given negative messages, and how those messages influence how we feel and then how we respond.

This is my own photo.

Here's the article in its entirety:


"New research into how comments can affect health has found women 
whose loved ones criticise their weight are prone to put on even more weight.

Professor Christine Logel, from Canada's University of Waterloo, 
said women who receive a high number of what the researchers called "acceptance mssaes" 
about their weight had better weight maintenance - and even weight loss - than their counterparts who did not receive this positive mesdaging from their loved ones."

I guess both you and I could affirm this finding without needing to undertake a research study.

What this tells us is that we must be aware of how we use words, what words we use, and to think about the ramifications should those words be negative or critical.

I bet by now you're wondering what a photo of bright orange flowers has to do with this post.  Nothing really, and everything as a matter of fact.   As a blogger I am becoming even more aware of the intricacies of blogging and using photos from the internet or from other people.  It just isn't on, and it needs to be repeatedly brought to our attention that just because you can get a photo of picture/clipart that appears to be "free" on the internet, it ain't necessarily so.  

 Just like words (that can be plagiarised), photos can be considered fair game as well.  So the bright orange flowers above are my way of saying I'm original!!!!!

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