Thursday, March 31, 2011

A matter of time!

As you have probably worked out, I have a vested interest in issues of "self-esteem", especially as they relate to women and children. In society today, discrimination based on looks even though it is not legal to do so, is sadly allowed, and no-one says anything about it - that is, except you and me.   The worst offenders are the media, and to a lesser extent most other professions.

How many women's magazines, both nationally and internationally, show women of a "certain age" (and by this I mean from 35 to 80) in glowing terms; in advertisements including fashion supplements? For that matter how many of these magazines show women of size in a positive or highly acceptable way? A favourite saying of mine is that women's magazines are supposedly published for ALL women - not just young women, not just slim women, not just "celebrity" women. ALL women. Women of all ages, and all shapes and sizes. But will the editors, features editors and women's pages editors listen to common sense? Unfortunately they are the victims too of highly questionable attitudes and ethics of their employers - so many of these editors have been literally "sacked" for having the audacity to show healthy women of around size 16 on the covers of these magazines. When questioned the spokespersons of these magazines have claimed their readers would be upset at seeing "fat" women within the pages of the magazines. This is downright ridiculous and discrminatory to the extreme, and should not be accepted.  By anyone, INCLUDING the women's magazines staff.

You only have to walk around your own shopping mall; get on the bus or train; look at your own family members and the women you see are definitely not all a size 6.   You'll see women of all ages and sizes and shapes. Do you personally see them as being "unacceptable" when compared to you? And why would you compare? Because each of us is unique - we are incomparable. We are one-offs; and no one can copy us. They may try to, but they won't succeed.

There is enough negativeness in our society already without allowing for inappropriate and unkind attitudes to take form and become "normal" as far as being different to each other, as far as looks are concerned.

We're all different, but it is the difference each of us possesses, that makes us similar.

It's "inappropriate attitudes" that should not be accepted, not our age or size or shape!


  1. It's "inappropriate attitudes" that should not be accepted, not our age or size or shape!

    Hear, hear Rosemary. At the age of 46 I finally find myself gaining the self esteem that was lacking throughout my life. I am growing and healing and like myself a little more each day.

  2. Jan: I've said it before and I'll say it again - you're an inspiration. Keep working on it, and you'll surprise everyone, including yourself. People will notice the difference and your confidence will grow.