Monday, April 18, 2011

Bare Arms!

Have you ever looked at a dress in a store window and said to yourself, "I'd love to be able to wear that!" It's not that it isn't available in your size, or in the colour you love, it's simply that it is "sleeveless".

And let's face it, the plus size (or curvaceous woman) doesn't like to bare her arms too often, even in the summer months. Our arms, especially our upper arms (like a lot of other parts of our bodies) seem to do what they like, and often remind us of pelicans spreading their wings in the sunshine.  Arms flip and flap away regardless of how much we try to keep them under control. And when a woman is entering the "growing older" phase then too often her arms become a limb she thinks should be "hidden".

So we go without sleeveless dresses - afraid to take the risk because then we'll find ourselves not ever wearing that dress again for fear of someone laughing at our arms.

Curvaceous women have a lot to contend with. And these feelings of, dare I say it, embarrassment because our bodies aren't trim and taut, affect our self confidence and in turn affect our lives. Because we go without such a lot, when we really needn't.

I like this particular dress from North Style - the styling is nice, the length is great and the flow of the dress is becoming and flattering. The only thing against it is, yes, it's sleeveless.

But wait a minute. Just because we're plus size, does that mean we can't do a little bit of disguising, if we want? Shrugs are not only for the tiny person, they're for all of us. For those who don't quite know what a shrug is, it's a sort of "bolero". And boleros are very attractive. Choose a colour co-ordinated shrug with the colour of your shoes and handbag, wear it over a jewel coloured dress, and you've got a great outfit.

I've seen "boleros" worn by women who are size 2, 6, 18, 24, and 30 and they all looked terrific.

We have to look outside the "blinkers" that we put in place, thinking that they will protect us, when in fact what they're doing is tieing us up in knots.  We've got to learn to be "free".

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  1. Oh Rosemary I would love to have confidence to wear sleevess, it feels so freeing. Unfortunatley I don't have the confidence as yet to do so.
    Work in progress I think.

  2. It does take a long time to acquire this sort of confidence, but think about how to "ease" yourself into accepting bare arms. For instance - you've got a special family get-together or celebration coming up and you'd really love (passionately) to wear a sleeveless dress, but .......

    Cleverly sewing up a small chiffon poncho in a neutral colour that blends in with the dress, that shows your lovely neckline but covers your upper arms, can do wonders - both to your outfit and to your confidence!