Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Those who have followed RoseMary’s NoteBook© (the newsletter that is) over the past 21 years, know one of our “pet peeves” has been the lack of thought on the manufacturers and suppliers of tee-shirts for the plus-size.

That’s not to say that women haven’t been able to buy tee shirts, but in the main they’ve been high round or crew-neck, which does absolutely nothing (repeat - nothing) for the plus size woman.   There’s been a constant request over the years for something more attractive, particularly v-neck which for some reason or another flatters the more curvaceous bust and neck.

Personally most of our group have been hunting for vee neck tee shirts (or tops made with tee shirt material) for decades and it was only because of having a couple of friends who were wizzes with their sewing machines over that time, that I personally managed to have my own made up.

So when I walked into the local K mart store last week, I couldn’t believe my eyes.   There on .a stand just inside the door were stacks and stacks of tee shirts, in sizes 12 through to 24, and in styles that took in round neck, low round neck, and eureka - v-neck.   The colours ranged from white, grey, pink, red, black, green and blue.  You’ve guessed it, I bought more than one.

A little further into the store there were more tops, still in the tee shirt material, and these were even more attractive in design and styling.   Something that took my eye were the cami style, with strappy straps, and a style that can worn reversed - that is with a low straight across the neckline, or turned around to have sweetheard neckline.   My shopping basket was getting full!  You don’t see this every day of the week!

The reason I mention these is that the price of the tee shirts was $2.50.  The camis were going out at $3.00 and because there was a special "half price" sale going that day, the cost came down to $1.50.   I don’t think I can recall prices for plus-size clothing like that for a long, long time.   No wonder those stacks on the stand were decreasing every minute - women were walking out the door with half a dozen, and sometimes even a dozen of each.

My proposition is this.  Even if this is a one-off by K Mart, it shows that it can be done.  And if it can be done, then why isn’t it done more often?   In fact, why isn't it done all the time?

Excuses from retailers that it costs more to make a plus-size garment doesn’t always gell you know - take a good look at the fabric that goes into a flowing top in tee shirt fabric for a size 10, and then compare that to what goes into a size 24 tee shirt that sits nicely on the body (without being tight and showing off the curves that you prefer to somtimes be a little disguised), and you’ll find there isn’t much difference.  So their argument don’t always hold true, you know.

In the slightly cooler weather that we're experiencing at the moment, these v-neck tee shirts look absolutely terrific under a jacket - there's a sense of being "casual" yet at the same time a little conservative - which matches whatever mood you may be in. 


  1. Oh Rosemary that was such a good find, almost like winning lotto. I would have been going mad with them if they were in my size. And I agree with you that the old line of it takes more fabric to make big sizes, of course it does but there is not that much difference. Just another excuse.
    Well done on your great bargain.

  2. I'm certainly "chuffed" about it - even got a compliment yesterday - smart black pants, black jacket, white v-neck top and a fantastic bright pink silk scarf wound round my neck! (And I wasn't even "dressed up"! - just comfortable feel-good clothes.