Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The "growing older" plus-size woman's wardrobe

Much discussion has been going on within a number of women's groups that I enjoy being a part of.   These groups include women from all walks of life - both career as well as younger women, mothers and even grandmothers.    It doesn't take long before most conversations come around to "what to wear".

While we'd all like to shop at some of the better boutiques, it's not always possible. And the same goes for many thousands of women, whether they be working in lower paid jobs; not working at all; stay-at-home Mums and/or growing-older women.

"Spending budgets" seem to shrink over the years for many women. And this is borne out by the clothing you see in your own local community worn by ladies of greying years. It's not that they're no longer adventurous when it comes to choosing clothing, it's just that for some reason they feel less confident in choosing things that won't make them look like "mutton dressed up as lamb."  I ask you - pretty little dresses for pre-teens and teens just don't look right on a matron!  And yet there are always exceptions.

Because if you look around the traps, at your local shopping mall, at your discount chain stores (such as K Mart, Target etc) and even some of the spicy little "younger" focussed fashion stores springing up, you're sure to find something that will look good on you, regardless of your age. Very often the cost is affordable and if you choose wisely, that garment may well fit in with your life-style for many seasons, not just the one.  It's all in the way you wear that garment and your confidence in doing so.

What seems to happen though is that the clothes in the wardrobe "will do"; and quite often they will, but many times with a little bit of courage, the older woman can look twice as spectacular by extending her horizon beyond thinking that "I'm old, therefore I might as well wear old women's clothes".

And I question the idea of OLD women's clothes. There is no such thing. Just as there is no such thing as a 22 year old's dress, or a 42 year old's dress. Let's leave the number out of the equation and look at the clothing as women's clothing, nothing else.   (Just as we should be able to leave the size out of the equation, but we'll talk about that again at some later time - it's always a subject that needs talking about!)

When we can look at things in the right perspective, a whole new world opens up. Instead of just wearing well-loved and well-worn track suits when going shopping or even meeting up with the "girls", try a little flair. Wear your favourite pants or jeans but dress them up with something really lovely such as the shirt shown above. Tie a white or blue silk or chiffon scarf around your neck, choose a favourite matching tote bag and off you go. Enjoy your "growing older" years by enhancing your knowledge of what you will look good in and feel good in wearing. Age has nothing to do with enjoying life, just as being plus size is irrelevant.

(The above blue shirt is from North Have a look at their website).


  1. I feel freer as I get older to choose outrageously. That said, I also feel freer to dress the way I really want to:tshirt, jeans, good running shoes, and when I get really lucky with the shopping, a good bra that fits well. I realized the other day that it is not that I am getting frumpier, but that I really like this uniform best. It is plain, because my current favorite color is navy, but it is also neat, clean, and simple. I am like that Charlie Brown comic character Pigpen; I attract whatever dirt and mess is in my vicinity. I prefer to think that it is because I am always doing something--often that something involves working with my hands in the kitchen or working with my grandchild who has to be the messiest child on the planet. I feel confident in these clothes and don't feel like I have to fuss with them. Basically, for me, that is what fashion should be. What a contrast with my dressed to the nines (most of the time) daughter, who takes 2 hours to get ready to go anywhere!

  2. You've certainly got your act together. And being comfortable to boot is a great place to be. I love your comment "I feel confident in these clothes and don't feel like I have to fuss with them". Being a busy woman there's no time to waste in "fussing" - there's too much living to do!

  3. Sorry, I did a whole post, went to post it and got a message that they couldn't complete my request. I came back to the page, but my post has disappeared. I am too tired to do it all again.

    I enjoyed your post. I'll see now if this one takes.

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