Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Day   For the Christian, this is one of the most important in our calendars - it is the day that epitimises our entire faith.   Belief in the Resurrection - a day of promise and hope for future days.  

For without the Resurrection, as the scriptures say, our faith would be empty.   But for the Christian who believes the tomb where they laid Christ was empty on that very first Easter Day and that Christ had risen again, this is the time for celebration.   As with the first disciples including Mary Magdalene who was the first to actually see Christ following his resurrection, we stand amazed and in awe of the power of God.

We attended a lovely little service filled with praise this morning - songs that were vibrant and alive with the joy of our faith.   Following that I watched the BBC show Songs of Praise on the ABC  - filmed in Jerusalem and showing many of the places described in the scriptures,  where hundreds of thousands of people flock every year at this time.   Eled Jones sang the beautiful song “Be Still”, which would have touched every viewer’s heart.

Whatever faith you follow (and indeed even if you have no faith that has a name) may your Easter season continue to be one filled with joy.  Be safe.

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