Saturday, June 4, 2011

Different shades and tones

Winter time seems to equate with being dull!   I'm not only talking about the weather here, because you'll have noticed, I'm sure, that most of the clothing in the store windows as well as the majority of Australian websites providing especially plus-size fashion, are terribly dull,  boring and nothing looks different to anything else on offer!

Many of the Australian suppliers have realised the market for the younger plus-size woman which has been a long time coming, but now that it's arrived, it is very welcome.  This takes into account the woman in her 20s right through the adult years.  In fact many mature and older women take advantage of this clothing as well.  It's affordable, it's wearable, and it has a slightly "modern" touch to it.

But if you look at things realistically, you'll see that many of the styles particularly tee shirts and longer tops, even though one might have an uneven hem slanting in one direction while another goes the opposite direction, there's still a sameness about everything.

And where are the colours?    Why do suppliers expect us all to wear - black, dark grey, denim blue, with white tops broken by black vests and the like, without wanting the shouting of colour - all the time?   Oh yes, some of the suppliers include a red cardigan or red tee in their range, but why can't we have other colours?  Many of us have to liven and lighten our darker clothing with bright, sassy scarves or handknits to lift our winter-look.

Then I found this small local supplier - Wrapt Ya!    It's all a matter of "looking" around to see what is available outside of the usual/expected providers - and to be pleasantly surprised at what you find.    Often Wrapt Ya! will take a colour and then expand upon it by using different tonings and shades of that colour to build up an outfit of interest.

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