Monday, December 6, 2010

Fallacies, Fibs and Falsehoods

When it comes to dealing with fallacies, fibs and lies that lie in wait for the unsuspecting plus-size woman, this is a minefield of huge proportions.

The plus-size woman is fed a massive serving of fibs on a constant basis and usually from childhood. Fibs about food, about fashion, about her size, about fitness, about her ability to be successful in the workplace, and her ability to “snare a man”. As if that is all there is to life!

But let’s be honest here. These things are important to our self esteem, no matter what size we are. The larger person has the same dreams as the smaller person. Those dreams encompass every wish and hope imaginable. Once again it’s up to us, as individuals, to persuade people about us that we may be bigger than others, but conversely we are smaller than many. Which means in a nutshell, that we are the same as everyone else - flesh and blood, skin and bones, hair, teeth, nails, eyes, nose and mouth, arms and legs, not to mention our other statistics! Everyone is three dimensional. We also share the same senses as everyone else, including good healthy doses of humour .........

Fallacies and Falsehoods 

For too many years bigger people have been told, and unfortunately they have believed, that being bigger than somebody else makes them unacceptable "because they’re an offense to the eye!" They’re told that because they’re “fat”, they can’t possibly expect to be healthy, to be happy, to enjoy companionship and yes, sex!, or to have happy and healthy children. They’ve come to expect that they can’t (and shouldn’t) expect to be successful in their careers, and they most certainly should not expect respect from other people. The inference is that they’ve “let the team down.” They’re an embarrassment to everyone else so surely they must be an embarrassment to themselves!

Over decades of this sort of “abuse” bigger people have fallen into the trap of “agreeing” with these inappropriate and outdated attitudes. As a result of trying to “fit in” with what has been expected of them, they believe they’re failures, so in order to balance the scales, they’ve put up with substandard and second-rate treatment and dealings dished out to them by insensitive and arrogant people. 

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