Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favourite Food Things - It's a fact!

Everywhere (here in Australia that is) we are being blasted with television shows all based around food.

Not only imported shows, but local shows as well. The first "Master Chef" series spawned at least two series, that of the winner Poh Ling Yeow (known more popularly as just "Poh") and runner-up Julie Goodwin (under the Coles sponsorship). No doubt before long we'll be seeing shows based on the winner and runner up of the second show.  Following the success of the Master Chef series, we were subjected to the Master Chef Kids programmes.  They probably were excellent, but for many of us, a little too often becomes too much (meaning the shows, not the foods).

We have Curtis Stone (under the Coles sponsorship), Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Heston's Feasts (and his series based on the Little Chef restaurants throughout England); and a New Zealand lady who cooks ups feasts in her lovely farm kitchen.  We have a Vietnamese food show celebrating street/or river foods.   Last year we had two series based on natural/organic growing farms in the UK, which took us (and the contestants who stayed on the farms) through the actual planting, growing, gathering of seeds, the buying of chickens, sheep, beef and everything in between, and even included the slaughtering, cutting and storing. There wasn't much left to the imagination.  A similar show here told the story of a leading Australian food commentator selling up and moving to Tasmania where he too, took on the natural/organic farm concept.  Some people were enamoured by Gordon Ramsay but he soon distanced himself from many by his intolerable behaviour.

Two people who had a very popular series that lasted quite a few years were Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer (much loved here in Australia); their series "The Cook and the Chef" remained as popular at the last as it was when it first began. Good, no nonsense, happy, comfort, filling, delicious and delectable food.

But this segment within RoseMary's NoteBook© isn't going to be about chefs and cooks and all that. It's about food, everyday food, that we enjoy. It's not about recipes, unless of course you'd like to send in some of your favourites with pictures. It will be a blog about food as the group here enjoy it!

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