Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buying maternity wear for a plus-size

Looking for plus-size maternity wear can be a problem.   There's not too much about - that you can see at any rate.

No shops in my area (and I include a number of large and small shopping centres in that statement) carry plus size maternity wear.   It seems plus-size pregnant women are invisible to the manufacturers and suppliers eyes.  Or is it that society would prefer them to be invisible?

This is a website I discovered today.   There are some nice garments to choose from, although I have to admit that seeing their size range quote 4XL as being equivalent to size 24-26 did surprise me a bit.

I say this respectfully because as a size 24 I wear size 2XL.   It all comes back to the sizing measurements that suppliers decide upon.   And we've spoken about the inconsistencies relating to sizes for decades now.

So it goes without saying, don't always take notice of the sizes - try garments on.  You can sometimes be nicely surprised at being able to find something that is marked a lower size but which will fit you comfortably.

Heres the website I mentioned above.     www.maternitywear.com.au

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