Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you think this lovely model is "plus size"?

Australia has a gift of beautiful women.  Women in the spotlight (as in our artists and actresses, women who are in the news etc) as well as women in our own families and communities.

Beautiful Australian models have graced our magazines and catwalks for decades.  Think Maggie Tabberer, Jeanette Elphick, Judith Anne Ford, Bambi Shmith, June Dally Watkins.   Our models had, and still have, beautiful figures; they walked and talked with great style;  their manners and etiquette were important facets of their "public persona".

According to facts and figures, most models of the 1950s and 1960s (before the advent of Twiggy), were somewhat heavier than today's thin waif-like creature.

So it was with great surprise that I read the following article relative to Robyn Lawley, who has been described as the "first plus size model to feature in Vogue Australia".   Robyn is a beautiful woman;  she has a beautiful figure, but can she honestly be categorised as "plus-size"?  Really?   Truly?

Acceptance of the plus-size women is taking time, and we've been advocates and champions of plus-size women for quite a few decades now.  But it's a little saddening, and frustrating, to see journalists and reporters describing a woman who is described as being size 14 (and as Robyn lives in New York, is that a US size 14 or an Australian size 14?**), as "plus-size".

How can the truly "plus-size" woman hope to be accepted in a society that sees size 14 as being plus-size?  No wonder more women than ever today, are attempting all manner of methods to try to emulate their "thin" sisters.  The fashion industry and the media continue to denigrate larger women, and by the same token, infer than smaller women are "bigger" than their size represents.  How can anyone find their place in a society that dispenses displeasure and prejudice against women who don't quite "meet" the standards set by the fashion and media industries?

See what you think.

Photograph from via the Internet.

** A lot of women don't realise that a US size 14 is NOT the same size as an Australian size 14!


  1. I think that model is plus size. Thanks for indicating the difference of plus size clothing Australia from US plus size.

  2. We're a little intrigued that you find this model "plus size". Size 14 has only recently been relegated to being plus size, by the media and fashion industries. For those truly "plus size" women, sizes 18/20 and beyond are only the "starting point" of plus sizes, which extend up to and beyond 30.

    Robyn is a beautiful woman, yes. Robyn has a lovely figure, yes. Robyn is thin, yes. She is not skinny, nor is she "plus size". Compare her to models for plus size clothing, i.e. Monif C, Volupture, Dale & Waters, Long Island clothing, Big Time Clothing and City Chic for "plus-size" models. This is an interesting observation indeed.