Friday, August 12, 2011

Pressure on tiny tots!

Most plus size people have at one time or another, at the very least, been subjected to bullying or ridicule all because of their size.   It's not that their size is an embarrassment to themselves on many occasions - it's more that other people take the attitude that curves are not acceptable.

I read in the newspaper this morning that there is a worrying concern about pre-schoolers (aged around 4-5 years) who are becoming increasingly aware of their need to diet!   Honestly - what is happening is that while we of the older generation are slowly coming to terms with our sizes and shapes, our little grandchildren are finding they're being bullied and discriminated against, by their little peers.   Children are saying to one another -

"you'll get fat if you eat that;  I don't want to play with you because you're fat;  your mother doesn't feed you right!"

I'm wondering what is at the back of all this angst.   Surely the weight loss industry isn't promoting that children should start dieting as young as that?  In fact I get worried when I see or hear of pre teens dieting.  

On the other hand, shopping this morning I noticed two little tiny tots shopping with their Mum, happily chomping away at raw carrots and enjoying every mouthful.   The thought occurred to me - hey, that's "fast food" in anybody's language.

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