Tuesday, August 2, 2011



We've been speaking about many differences and changes to women's life-styles over the past decades.   There have been tremendous inroads into building up opportunities for women, but sometimes it's worth while being reminded of how our mothers and grandmothers fared in dealing with everyday issues.  Compared to today, those women had a lot of extra battles to fight and overcome.  Yet, that's not to say that women today don't have any many hurdles to jump and overcome.   This is where encouragement is always needed.

When young women and older women have the opportunity to share this sort of information that we've been talking about in the past three posts, it is very surprising to observe the way younger women view what they hear. Too often it is utter disbelief. Sometimes it is seen as an exaggeration. Seldom is it seen as being the truth, and therefore not often is a special understanding arrived at, of what women in general, but particularly their mothers and grandmothers, have gone without and fought for.

So it's not surprising in having to realise that women as they grow older lose a lot of confidence. They've always had to struggle against the tide, but they seek and need support and empathy from younger women, not only for personal and physical encouragement, but moreso for moral support. 

In many cultures this moral support is part of the cultural makeup of women within that society. In the western world this need is sometimes neglected to such an extent that it doesn't exist. 

The 21st Century woman encompasses a diverse and incredibly valuable circle of intelligence, information and experience. The more we share that with each other, the more confidence we each shall possess.

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