Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colours, colours everywhere!

Some of the clothing for "generously proportioned" ladies coming from overseas is absolutely gorgeous.  Not only in design and fabric but in the bright array of colours.   For too long it seems to many of us, there's been a scarcity of bright, vivid, sassy colours. especially here in Australia.

(You know the old saying - "wear black or dark brown or navy - it'll make you look thinner!" - well, even if any of those of your favourite colours (like me), they don't make you look thinner at all - they just make you look and feel good - which is what we're after in the first place!).

But don't hold back from trying bright colours.   They can make you feel a million dollars too, if you give them a chance.

Here's a beautiful garment from Ashley Stewart, (www.ashleystewart.com) for the young, AND the young-at-heart:


Style: 01511X
A fabulous style with multiple possibilities. Dress features a stretch tank at upper with a contrasting crinkle skirt. Skirt may be worn two ways and includes interior ties that create a tiered ruffle at lower hem. Includes a fully lined interior.
Hand wash cold
54 inches from shoulder
Knits: 95% cotton, 5% spandex / Flare: 100% cotton


  1. I would love to have clothes made with pretty colours and fabrics. I am really annoyed that there is hardly anything in my size with pretty modern colours. I really wish I could sew clothing and not just quilts.

  2. You know Jan, it took me absolutely years to find a dressmaker who would even attempt to sew something for me. It's almost as though people who sew can't see the fact that we're the same figure as smaller women; merely different shapes! That's not a contradiction, because if someone can sew from a pattern for a size 20 then surely they can draft patterns for even larger, if they use a tapemeasure!!!! It CAN be done, I know for a fact. But where are the dressmakers? I'm going to put out a challenge and see whether it gets any better response today than it has over recent decades!