Friday, August 19, 2011

Changes in women's bodies

It's very interesting to see how women's bodies have undergone (and continue to do so apparently) radical changes in shape and sizes in relation to breasts over recent years.  In fact it makes you wonder just what is happening .....

Women who usually wear small bras - sizes 10, 12, 14 for instance, started asking for "deeper" cups.   From A, B, C, and even D cups, it's not uncommon now to find bras in the smaller sizes having cups up to F, G and even H.

Whereas ....... Women who have always been big breasted - from around sizes 16 through to 24/26 still find it very difficult to buy bras with cups deeper than C or D.  Occasionally DD.   But there's not too much out there in the marketplace for those larger women in the way of beautiful, lacy, satiny bras in a big selection of colours,  that will fit them, regardless of cup size.

Have a look at many of the "bra" sites, and you'll see very basic, heavy looking bras.  Fabric that is intended, we are sure, to make plus size women feel "not quite as acceptable" as smaller women.   There's nothing really feminine or romantic about them.   Just take a stroll around your favourite department store, and you'll see literally hundreds of striking little numbers for the small (but deep) breasted woman, but hardly anything of interest (or of fit) for the larger woman.   Of course the heavier breast needs support and lift - and we know for certain that there are bras that will provide both these requirements and STILL look attractive.

One argument we always get from store buyers is that there aren't enough customers who ask for the larger bras.   What?   Every woman I speak to who admits to being size 20 and upwards, almost cries with frustration at not being able to find "sexy" bras and lingerie, and yet the stores say there are no customers.

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